Open Mic Photography


In general, I would not label myself as the creative type. I do not draw, sing, dance, or create music of any kind. However, I do occasionally enjoy photography; both creating photos as well as viewing them. What I enjoy photographing changes based upon my mood but some of favorite subjects include my American Staffordshire Terrier, Cali, and my baby cousin.


I also really enjoy abstract photographs with good lighting and a lot of texture as you can see from the pictures displayed below.

DSC_0423DSC_0406DSC_0475 While most of the photos are nothing revolutionary or special, I truly enjoy going out on my own and finding things I find interesting to photograph. It is one of my only hobbies other than reading. I generally take my camera with me anywhere I think I might end up with a good shot but never force the photos; I have always found that spontaneity is key to me producing the best photos.  An example of that can be found below:


Although it is blurry, this is one of my most favorite landscape photographs that I have ever taken because of the memory it is tied to.

I am a very laid back individual who cares a great deal about the people in my life and I feel that those facts come out in what I choose to photograph. I hope to continue this hobby for many years to come to keep myself in tune with the things that are important to me as well as the people around me.

I hope you all enjoyed getting a small window into what makes me tic and I cannot wait to see everyone else’s amazing posts and talents! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Open Mic Photography

  1. Hi Jordan,
    I also love to take photos although I don’t even have my own camera at the moment. I love your point about spontaneity; I agree that it is an important factor for a great photo. Thanks for sharing some of your work!


  2. Hi Jordan, I really enjoyed your photos。 there are many good moments that you have, especially the first picture, it is just like the dog is going to jumping out the photo. In general, you are really good at capture the right moment, if these techniques can be used for mass media and popular arts, it will be a useful tool.


  3. Hi Jordan,
    I find it very cool that you like photography. I too have a slight interest in it but mainly on the landscape / aerial photography side. I enjoyed the first photo in that the dog and its focus are captured perfectly by the image. Plus the motion blur really lets us know that the dog is moving somewhat quickly. Cool shots!


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